MPA Center

MPA Center is the hub for cultivating master of public administration (MPA) in UCSA. The MPA Center administrate the admission and cultivation for MPA and other affairs related to MPA education like international cooperation, education research and curriculum development. The mission of the Center is committed to equipping its students with good morals, a deep understanding of professional theories, and ability to apply different knowledge of management, politics, economics, law and technology and thus enable them to be top interdisciplinary public management professionals.

The Center have fully capitalized different resources of UCAS and have formed a teaching and research faculty from Institute of Policy and Management, College of Technology of Science and Institute of Geographic sciences and Natural Resources Research of UCAS. It mainly focuses on four graduate programs: government management and governance mechanism, rural development and social governance, public safety management and urbanization and region management. In accordance with the requirement of the national MPA standard, it equips every student with two mentors which have a full-time mentor and a part-time mentor from other institutions.

The MPA Center abiding by the philosophy “school-education integration, human orientation, collaborative innovation and serving the nation” strives for providing better education and searches for better ways of MPA education with an aim for cultivating talents with modern public administration theories, advanced analytical methods and technology and proficient understanding of some policies.