Department of Sustainable Development Policy and Management

      The Department of Sustainable Development Policy and Management aims to satisfy the demand and solve the important frontier problems of sustainable development strategy, employing multidisciplinary theory of systematics, management, economics, ecology, geography and public policy and so on, carrying out researches on the theory, strategy, management, policy and evaluation of sustained development with the dimensions of nation, region and globe, intending to provide theoretical instructions, policy advice and systematic solutions for the problems encountered in the implementation of sustained development. The Department consist of disciplines like sustainable development management, sustainable development economics, sustainable development policy and so on.

      This subject is authorized to award master's degree in population, resources and environment economics and to recruit doctoral students in the direction of sustainable development, on the basis of management science and engineering discipline.

      Five professors and PhD supervisors (including one member of the third world academy of sciences, one major national science and technology special project gainer, one winner of national project 973), eight associate professors and one lecturer make up the faculty of the department.

Name Gender Education Title E-mail
Chen Shaofeng Male PH.D Professor
Ji Qiang Male PH.D Associate Professor
Li Yingming Female PH.D Associate Professor
Liu Yijun Female PH.D Associate Professor
Liu Yu Male PH.D Associate Professor
Niu Wenyuan Male Master Professor
Sun Yi Male PH.D Associate Professor
Wang Yi Male PH.D Professor
Wang Zheng Male PH.D Professor
Xue Junbo Male PH.D Associate Professor