Message from the Dean

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In June 2015, adhering to the “integration of science and education” policy implemented by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Policy and Management, jointly with College of Technology Management, Public Administration Department and Law Department under School of Humanities, Technology Resources Management Research Center of UCAS, and a team of experts in related fields from Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of CAS co-founded the School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM) and it has been a new blooming collective.

In possession of a comparative advantage in sucha variety of fields as national and regional development strategies, development and reform policies, innovative development and technology management, sustainable development, energy research strategy, IP (Intellectual property) policy and management, public administration and the frontier research areas of relevant theories, SPPM strives to cultivate a number of innovative teams with international competitiveness and develops a system of high-quality core curriculum by further consolidating the foundation of subjects and improving SPPM's core competence in five years. The aim of SPPM is to create a training base for talents of public policy and management, as well as a base for practice and policy research, to build a fabulous research-education center of "macro-management and policy science" and to construct a research-education integrated platform with high efficiency of synergies. Finally, a coordinated development pattern of “education, research and think tank”, which highlights interdisciplinary integration, excellence of teaching faculty, marvelous achievements of teaching and researching, far-reaching influence as a think tank, will be constructed.

SPPM aims to become a world-renowned School of Public Policy and Management by establishing a good reputation, adopting a network-based strategy, implementing internationalization and employing standards of excellence. Coordination of SPPM's three functions of education, research and think tank will be realized to cultivate a number of high-quality curricula, teaching materials and an outstanding faculty, and also to create a team with international influence, which focuses on education and research in the fields of scientific and technological development, innovative development, sustainable development, public policy and management, and intellectual property. Furthermore, SPPM's public policy advisory capacities will be strengthened; a global cooperation network and a high efficient management mechanism with respect to "the integration of education, research, think tank” will be established; a group of outstanding talents with a high sense of social responsibility and historic mission in the field of public policy and management will be cultivated.

I whole-heartedly hope that the faculty and the students of SPPM practice lifelong learning, expand international horizons and enrich the understanding of China’s realities. To form one's own unique knowledge system, we shall consolidate the foundation of research, grasp the frontier fields, fit to China’s realities and proceed from facts in all work. By Creating a culture with general consent to, pursuit for and practice of excellence and innovation in SPPM, we can strive to build SPPM into a learning organization and make individual knowledge shared in the collective to turn what's called the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, which shall be a public property added to the building of a more prosperous country.