Department of Public Administration

      Governments’ and non-governmental departments’ use of public power in the development and implementation of public policy, provision of public products and services to realize the public interests, has become a universal trend nowadays. In the process of modernization, the quality and level of government public management not only directly affects the government’s public administration performance, but also promotes further development of modernization and reform and opening up in China. Conducting researches concerning the core themes of the public management theory and practice, striving to satisfy the strategic demand of government management and the public management’s development and innovation, combining with the characteristics of science and education in Chinese academy of sciences, the Department of Public administration makes the researches in the field of government management and social governance, rural economic development and management, public security management, urban and regional governance as its priority and dedicates to the public management theory research and high-level personnel cultivating work.

      Aiming to develop a first-class public administration and management discipline in the world, the Department of Public administration strives to become not only a public management theory research base, but also an important training base for talents with high-level public management knowledge, a think-tank to the Party and government about public management decision and an important base of academic exchanges at home and abroad in the field of public service administration. The Department of Public administration ,in particular, intends to realize the combination of management and economic disciplines, normative research and empirical research, academic training and practical training through centering on the discipline construction and talents training. Meanwhile, it will deepen contacts, exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign academic institutions and boost the discipline integration, innovation and development.

      Established in 2005, the Department of Public administration was headed by professor Zhong-hua YE, vice director of the School of Public Policy and Management. In addition to the discipline of public administration, political science, economics, management science, law, sociology, system science and other multi-disciplinary fields are also within the realm of reach conducted by the department’s teachers. Of whom several professors also act as government departments’ management and policy consulters. Since its establishment, the Department of Public administration has been continuously providing the central and local party and government organs, research institutes and other agencies and units with a large number of greatly cultivated public management talents.

Name Gender Education Title E-mail
Chen Jianming Male B.E. Professor
Chi Hong Male PH.D Professor
Guan Xin Female PH.D Lecturer
Li Jianping Male PH.D Professor
Li Zhihong Female PH.D Associate Professor
Liu Chengfang Female PH.D Associate Professor
Liu Hong Female PH.D Associate Professor
Luo Renfu Male PH.D Associate Professor
Lǚ Chen Female PH.D Lecturer
Qi Mingliang Male PH.D Associate Professor