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        SPPM has a mature system of education and training in the subject "Management Science and Engineering".Currently, it is certified to offer master and doctor degrees inthe subject "Management Science and Engineering", and provides a center for post-doctoral studies in such area. In 2008, the subject of "Management Science and Engineering" in SPPM was awarded the Beijing-level key discipline.

        The discipline currently has a wide range of study focuses respectively on policy and management of science and technology, policy and management of innovation anddevelopment, strategy and planning of science and technology, public safety and risk management, sustainable development management, intellectual property right management, innovation method research, government management and governance.

        The study in this discipline focuses on the close combination of theory and practice. It aims to cultivate compound talents in the fields of Science and technology innovation management, intellectual property management and public management tosupport the nation’s strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology and education, the strategy of sustainabledevelopment and the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development.In order to achieve this purpose, SPPM will carry out researches in relevant frontier theories employing Interdisciplinary approach to resolve the issues concerning the national major strategy, policy, and management.

        In recent years, SPPM has published a number of high-level academic papers in the international and domestic academic journals and several widely influential monographs and annual reports such as "China's sustainable development strategy report", "high-tech development report", "technology foresight report" and "China Energy Report".SPPM also has been providing state and local government decision-making departments, large enterprises and institutions with a number of policy advisory reports,of which several reports were approved by the party and state leaders and some policy suggestions were adopted by the relevant state departments. Furthermore, the researchers have won the Science & Technology Award for Chinese Youth, National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars and other honors and awards.Many postgraduates SPPM cultivated have won the Chinese Institute of Science Dean's Special and Recognition Awards, Liu Yongling Special and Recognition awards, Baosteel scholarship and Development Foundation Scholarship etc.

        SPPM hosts high-level academic journals such as"Chinese Journal of Management Science", "scientific research management", "scientific research", "science and society"and owns valuable academic exchange platforms such asChinese Association Of Development Strategy Studies, Chinese Association For Science Of Science And S&T Policy, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning And Economical Mathematics, China Hi-tech Industry Promotion Society, Science and Technology Policy And management Society,CAS etc.

        SPPM has so far signed bilateral exchange and cooperation agreements with famous universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and other countries and estabilished close academic relationsin academic exchanges and cooperation with Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Cornell University, Japan Institute of Science and Technology Policy, South Korea Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Kyoto University, US-based East West Center and Santa Fe Instituteetc.

Management Science and Engineering

01 Technology policy and technology management

02 Innovation development policy and management

03 Technology strategy and planning

04 Sustainable development management

05 Intellectual property management

06 Innovation methodologies

07 Government management and governance mechanism