EDP Center

        EDP Center of SPP,UCAS is ready to host cooperation with local governments and training projects concerning scientific and technological innovation management, public administration and intellectual property rights for officials, managers and innovative and entrepreneurial talents from government departments, enterprises and Scientific research institutes, relying on the advantages of CAS in its influence, scientific research and scientific talents as well as the advantages of UCAS in science, technology and intellectual resources.EDP Center will contribute to SPPM by establishing a "scientific research - education - think tank" trinity service system for government departments and the society, providing decision-making advisory services to government departments and the society, undertaking major research and consultation projects entrusted by government departments and social organizations, actively developing and promoting brand training programs for government departments, science and technology organizations, enterprises and other social organizationsand continuously expanding the social influence of SPPM.

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Phone: 8610-88256706

Fax: 8610-88256877