Department of Law & Intellectual Property Right

Department of Law and Intellectual Property was founded on the basis of College of Liberal Arts and Institutes of Policy and Management of CAS, featuring in studying intellectual property law, science and technology law, competition law, intellectual property management and policy and intellectual property operation.

The teaching faculty consists of 12 teachers who has undertaken and conducted many programs under the national social science fund, the national natural science fund and humanistic and social science fund of the Ministry of Education, and also programs of many China’s governmental institutions like Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, State Intellectual Property Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, providing the government and enterprises with academic support and policy making consulting.

The Department of Law and Intellectual Property has master and doctoral programs pertaining to law, management science and engineering, technological economy and management. Now it has 29 graduate students and 6 doctoral students and over 50 students have accomplished their study program. And it is committed to cultivating inter-disciplinary talents with knowledge of law and management, competence of intellectual property protection, management, transformation and application, proceeding, intermediary service and equipping them with ability to work in education and research institutes, administrative and judicial organizations, top companies, law offices, and intellectual property agency, etc. Therefore, it both emphasizes theoretical and methodological foundation, vocational ability training, and international vision.

姓名 性别 学历 职称 电子邮箱
Duan Yibing Male PH.D Professor
Li Lingjuan Female PH.D Lecturer
Li Shunde Male PH.D Professor
Liu Haibo Male PH.D Professor
Liu Zhao Female PH.D Associate Professor
Luo Xianjue Male PH.D Associate Professor
Song Hefa Male PH.D Associate Professor
Tang Suqin Female PH.D Associate Professor
Xiao Youdan Male PH.D Associate Professor
Yan Wenjun Male PH.D Associate Professor